Automated membership application and renewals

Create different levels of membership (i.e. gold, silver and bronze) and give each level different pricing and benefits for your members.

The membership sign up form can be customised to capture the details you need from the applicant to make an informed decision on whether to approve their application. Approvals can be set to automatic by default, or have a moderator or admin manually approve applicants via the dashboard.

Set the default method for how renewals are automatically processed. Either charge the member directly or send an invoice for payment. Members can override this with their preferred option, or choose to stop their renewal.

Members self-maintain their directory profile

Members can maintain their own profile and choose to have it displayed in your online directory.

Customise what information is displayed in the directory and member profile views, and enable sorting and filtering by group, industry, and/or region.

Take online bookings for events

Add events to your website and take bookings online. Apply discounts for different membership levels, group bookings, or a special promotion. Set the maximum number of attendees and the system will automatically manage availability.

Upon booking, the attendee will automatically receive a confirmation or ticket via email which you can customise. The attendee can add the event to their calendar with a simple click.

Communicate, inform and engage your members

Post articles to your blog or newsfeed about industry news, exciting developments, helpful tips, case studies, interviews, etc. Post a topic to your forum on an important issue, idea, or question for feedback. Create a photo gallery of a recent event.

Share your posts, upcoming events, and new member profiles on your social media channels or by email using the built-in email marketing system.

No limits and keep 100% of the revenue

We don't impose limits on the number of members that can join or the number of events you can hold, and we certainly don't take a cut of the revenue you raise.

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Some of our recent projects

We produce websites that not only look beautiful but also function brilliantly too.

Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce

The Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce is one of the most active Chambers on the Gold Coast - as a member ourselves it was an honour to design and build them a leading edge website integrated with a booking system for their members and guests to book into the meetings online.

Southport Chamber of Commerce

The Southport Chamber of Commerce exists for the local community. By ensuring a strong business environment they see that the community as a whole will prosper and develop.

Recommend highly the benefit this provides!

Southport Chamber of Commerce are extremely satisfied with both the process to change to an Inology Website, and the support provided during the set up and the training and subsequent support.

The Website itself now handles the majority of the administration for our organisation with minimal input from staff or volunteers. I can' t recommend highly enough the benefit this provides for Not for Profit organisations who want to minimise time consuming admin but still provide membership services, newsletters, events notices and payment etc.

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Ian Kennedy

Ian KennedyPast President

Southport Chamber of Commerce