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Experience counts

For over two decades, we have been delivering innovative software solutions to help organisations achieve their business goals. Our experience extends to a wide variety of industries including education, retail, property, interest groups, support and awareness groups, and more.

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Mature platform

Our website platform is the basis for all our client solutions and greatly reduces the time to develop and manage your solutions. For 20 years we have been improving the platform, and delivering those improvements to all our client solutions via automatic updates.

Website management platform system integration.

System integration

Our website management platform has many sub-systems, such as product catalog, learning management, and service booking systems. Every client has different requirements, so we only unlock and configure those systems they need.

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Widget integration

Widgets are small, independent programs that can be embedded into a web page. They typically perform a single function, such as displaying an Instagram feed, YouTube video, or Google map.

The 3 mentioned above we are regularly integrating, however if there is a widget out there that meets your needs then we can integrate it. It is as easy as copy and paste.

Custom system development

Our website development platform has everything needed for about 95% of our clients, while others require custom system development. Here are a few ways in which we can help better systemise your business:


Eliminate copies of your data by combining your existing databases and spreadsheets into one easy to use database solution.


Free up your staff from repetitive tasks that can be automated with a computer-based solution.

Reduce carbon

By replacing paper-based systems with efficient computer-based systems, companies can create better workflows, save time and energy, and even reduce their carbon footprint.

Streamline transfers

Improve efficiency with suppliers and customers by implementing a digital strategy that streamlines information transfers to reduce lag time on exchanges, increase transparency, and automate manual processes.


Reports can provide insights into your organisation's performance to make strategic decisions. With this information, you can identify and capitalise on opportunities to increase your profit margins while minimizing risks.

Some of our recent projects

We produce websites that not only look beautiful but also function brilliantly too.

Southport Chamber of Commerce

The Southport Chamber of Commerce exists for the local community. By ensuring a strong business environment they see that the community as a whole will prosper and develop.


endED provides a space to gather and soften for those whose lives have been affected by Eating Issues.

Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce

The Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce is one of the most active Chambers on the Gold Coast - as a member ourselves it was an honour to design and build them a leading edge website integrated with a booking system for their members and guests to book into the meetings online.

The new system is so user friendly!

John, Inology, has written a new booking system for our coworking office. Our previous system was complicated and users struggled. The new system is so user friendly and every one has given such positive feedback. Thanks John - we're really enjoying the new site.

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Lauren Flack

Lauren FlackCorporate Concierge

Gold Coast Business Hub

Nothing Was Too Hard For Them!

We would like to thank all the staff at Inology for their help and continuing support to get our website up and running from scratch. They were so professional and helpful every time I called - and that was a lot…. Nothing was too hard for them. Their advise was invaluable and has been ongoing together with recommending other professionals in this area. We have had a fantastic response to our website and can’t thank them enough!

Sam & Troy Sparrow

Sam & Troy Sparrow

Fence Hire Queensland

Inology really took the time to understand our requirements

John and the team at Inology really took the time to understand our requirements. They immersed themselves in our charity culture and have reflected our ethos through our website design. Inology generously delivered our project on a pro bono basis.

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Mark Forbes

Mark Forbes