About the Inology white-label website reseller program.


Quick Access

The Program

Who is the reseller program for?
We partner with Graphic Designers, Marketing Consultants or any business who would like to offer their client’s website design and development services but don't have the knowledge or skills to transform their designs into websites that work.
I am not a designer, can I use your services?
Yes, we can source designs for your clients from our other designer partners.
I don’t want to sell websites. Can I just refer?
Yes, you are more than welcome to refer people to us. We pay a commission based on the final invoiced amount and will always pass additional work requests back to you if it fits into your capabilities.
Can I be the exclusive Inology partner in my area?
Sorry, we do not have any exclusive sales regions.
What is the role of a reseller?
As an Inology reseller you generate your own clients and sell our services to them (as well as your own if you have them). You coordinate with your client to assess their needs, then work with us to develop their online solution. You need no technical knowledge, we train and support your clients directly.
Is this a 2-way partnership?
Yes, definitely. We will send work back to you, depending on your area of expertise. We are always needing Graphic Designers, Marketing Professionals, SEO Professionals, etc. for our clients.
Is prior technical knowledge required?
Absolutely not. We look after the tech stuff so you don’t have to. We can also train and support your client directly if you want us to.
Why don't I hire a freelancer?
Time after time we have people coming to us because the freelancer or web guy next door is taking too long to finish, gone AWOL, taken a full-time job or simply found a more lucrative offer. They are left with no support, no one to make those change requests or in a lot of cases left an unfinished website.
We have been around since 2003 and are not going anywhere. We have a dedicated team of technical gurus to complete, support and make any changes you require to your website.
PS. If you know a freelancer like that, please refer them to us.
Why don't I source services overseas?
One of the major benefits of working with an Australian company is that we can confidently communicate with your clients, answer questions and provide fast support over the phone or via email. We are local and we understand local business.
Do I need my own website developed by Inology?
No, however it is recommended as this makes you more credible because you are using what you are selling, and also helps to improve your knowledge of our website management tools.
Am I locked into using only Inology for my website projects?
Not at all. While we are super excited to have you on as an Inology Reseller, we know you might not want to use us for every website project, and that’s OK. If you think another web developer is going to be a better fit for a particular client, feel free to use them. But we are more than confident that we can provide you and your clients with whatever they need.
If I’m building a client website with you am I locked into using other services like SEO?
Nope. You can use as many or as few of our offered services as you like.
How much does it cost to sign up as a reseller?
Completely free! No contract, no upfront fee. All it costs is your time!
How do I get started? What’s the process?
Simply apply online here, and once we receive your application we will review it and be in contact within 3 business days to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the finer points of our partnership.

The Client

What products and services can I offer my clients?
As an Inology reseller, you can sell any of our services to your clients, including domain registration and hosting, website development, and a wide range of our website management tools. Learn more about our tools here.
Will my clients know about Inology?
Yes and No, that depends on you.
If you would prefer us to be transparent then we will train and support you, to train and support your clients. We will have no contact with your client without your express permission. We will not display the work we do for your client in our portfolio.
If you would prefer to not be the middle man then we will train and support your clients directly leaving you the time to make that next sale.
Can I have a link to my website in the footer of my clients’ sites?
Yes! You can choose exactly what wording you’d like e.g. ‘Website Design by My Studio’ and display your logo too.
I think I don't want to deal with the client directly anymore, can you take over from here?
Yes of course, we are happy to continue supporting your client.
What if the client tries to jump ship and wants to work with us directly?
This won't happen without your say-so. We will contact you immediately if the client has altered their decision.

Sales & Marketing

What promotional and marketing materials do you provide?
We provide you an online portal to marketing materials such as email marketing promotions, 60 second infomercials, and more. We also encourage resellers to send through suggestions of new material they would like us to write, or share with other resellers.
How much profit can I make?
Setting the price for your customer is completely up to you. You can earn hundreds of dollars due to our low reseller prices, even if you offer your services at an average market price. Our low wholesale pricing allows you to make great profits on every website you send to us.
Can I discount or increase my RRP pricing?
You have complete control over your retail pricing so you can set it as high or as low as you like.  Our wholesale pricing will always remain constant so you will always make a decent profit.
What sort of wholesale pricing do I get?
Our pricing typically stays at two thirds of our recommended retail price of each service so you can make a healthy profit. Once you join our partner program you will be given access to our website package calculator.
How does billing work?
We can bill you or the client directly, it is up to you.
With the reseller pays approach, this is best suited when you package the website with other products you provide to the client. In this case, we will invoice you at wholesale prices.
With the client pays approach, we will bill the client at the recommended retail price and BCC you in. You will then bill us for the commission which is typically one-third.
Either approach can be taken for renewals of website/email hosting plus add-ons of additional products/services provided by Inology at the request of the reseller or client (if reseller permits otherwise client directed back to reseller).
Are there commissions for ongoing services?
Yes you do get commissions on any ongoing services we charge for. These fall into 2 categories: renewals and add-ons.
Renewals are for website/email hosting including website management tools support/upgrades.
Add-ons are additional products/services provided by Inology at the request of the reseller or client (if reseller permits otherwise client directed back to reseller).
How long will I receive these commissions for ongoing services?
For up to 3 years from when the client was introduced to us.
Are there sales quotas required?
There are no minimums to how many websites you should be doing once you’re an Inology reseller. We know that when you’ve expanded your knowledge on our services, you will be confidently selling websites to your clients.

Services, Supply & Support

What about deadlines?
We ask you to allow 2 weeks for a premium designed CMS website, and 3 weeks for an ecommerce. However, it may take longer if the client has ordered custom development. If there’s an urgency to get the website online, we can make it work, but may incur an additional fee.
How do you want the design supplied?
Once we’ve been given the design mock-up, we will then ask you for the slices we need. We usually prefer the slices in formats including JPG and PNG file types. Or you can send through the PSD file with layers, and we can slice it ourselves.
Can you do custom development?
Yes, if you have a special need that our current systems do not provide we can either modify our current systems or create new systems. For more information: https://inology.au/software-development/.
Do my clients have to host with you?
No, but there are specific system requirements when choosing a suitable host to run the website management tools.  These being:
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or greater
Microsoft Internet Information Server 7 or greater
Microsoft ASP.Net 4.5 or greater
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or greater
Who maintains the website – the client, myself or Inology?
Any of the above, it is up to you and the client.  Our website management tools are designed to be easy so you can DIY. Once the website is built, we train you or your client on how to use the website management tools. You or your client will also have full access to our support. If you or your client would prefer us to make changes to the site then we are also happy to do so at our standard hourly rate.
Who provides ongoing support to the client?
Inology provides ongoing technical support directly to the client if you wish us to, so it is not necessary for you to have any technical knowledge.
Alternatively, if you do not want us to deal with the client directly then we will train you to give support for your client.

The Platform

What software do you use?
For website management we use: The Internet Platform. The Internet Platform is a website management system that includes the necessary components needed to quickly and easily build and maintain world-class websites. These components have been built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with each other. Combining the components below, we can build websites of any type from CMS and blogging to ecommerce to event booking to directory listings and beyond.
Do my clients have to install any software to maintain their website?
Not at all, a web browser and internet connection is all your client needs. One of the many benefits of our website management tools is it’s all on their website.
WordPress requires the clients to do upgrades, does your system require the same?
No, all upgrades are automatic so our clients don’t have to. We record all our updates with descriptions which resellers and clients can view here: https://theinternetplatform.com/blog/category/software-updates/.
WordPress upgrades usually cause a break elsewhere in their system, how can you assure me that your system doesn’t do the same?
If you speak first hand to our clients, they can tell you they’ve never experienced any issues with our systems. If there is ever a break in our system, we locate it and fix it before it effects our clients or before they become aware of it.
WordPress is hacked on a regular basis, what security measures do your systems have in place?
WordPress is hacked on a regular basis because it is an open source service where hackers are able to find holes in the code and exploit them. Our systems are private and therefore the code is not accessible to hackers.
WordPress requires plugins and therefore ongoing upgrade and maintenance fees, does your system require the same?
Our systems cater for all standard business needs that includes all maintenance at no extra cost. The only ongoing fee is a yearly amount for hosting and domains. If you have a specific need outside of the standard business requirements we are able to integrate a plugin with the website which may incur its own ongoing fee. All plugins that we integrate into the websites are not affected by upgrades and therefore continue to run smoothly.
WordPress is built in different ways with different builders and therefore requires different editing, do I have to learn different editing with each client’s site of your system?
No, our websites are all built and edited the same. We can train you on how to edit one site and you will be confident with the rest.
WordPress usually has problems receiving information, does your system also have this problem?
WordPress is great when it comes to one-way information, such as their blog system which gives the viewer new information. The problems occur when the viewers give WordPress sites information such as payment details, this happens because the system is not actually built for it and requires plugins. Our systems are fully integrated and built for 2-way information - giving and receiving – no plugins are required, everything is in-house.
How is The Internet Platform better than WordPress?
WordPress may be good for anyone looking to start up a blog as a hobby, but if you’re looking for a platform that can offer all types of services including CMS, ecommerce, and service booking (to name a few) – all built to integrate together seamlessly – then The Internet Platform is the right choice. No need to outsource extra plugins yourself! Not to mention we offer full unlimited training and support on all our systems, including in person, over the phone, and via email. As well as constant improvements and upgrades to the web tools.

About Us

How have other resellers described what it is like to work with the Inology Team?
We have reseller testimonials on our website that you can check out. This is some of the feedback we have received: “The Inology Team Is professional and organized with clear goals and clear processes. I have worked with many other web developers over the years and have never met one with better communication skills than Inology. They certainly make it easy to stick with them when they constantly fulfill all my client’s needs.” – Kelly Robinson, Gold Coast Graphic Design.
Where are you based?
We are based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.