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Website Advantages for Your Law Firm

Law firms predominantly rely on word-of-mouth referrals but does that bring in enough work alone? With the majority of people these days being internet savvy, the best way to ramp up business is with the best online marketing tool there is…a website! AND law firms with websites have distinct benefits in generating more business.

Quick Contact Methods

When it comes to people searching for attorneys, the generalisation is that it’s an emergency and they are in a rush to get answers, depending on the specific practise area they are in need of. So the greatest advantage of a Law Firm having a website is the fact that they can have quick easy contact methods for potential clients. I mean let’s face it…yellow pages takes too long to flick through now and the information they provide is very limited! Here are the finest contact methods for your website:

Click to call – A responsive design website allows your website to appear productively on all devices and allows mobile devices to automatically call your firm via clicking on the phone number.

Live chat widget – This very cool piece of internet tech can be positioned on your website’s home page for visitors to correspond with someone from your firm in real time. This allows them to browse the website whilst asking questions and getting help straight away, which in turn helps conversion rates in an instant gratification world.

Enquiry form – On your ‘Contact Us’ page an enquiry form allows visitors to send an instant email with all the questions that they have. This saves the visitor time and hassle without having to leave the website.

Ample Online Interactivity

Having your online presence completely linked creates easy access and movability through your resources and information for visitors. Here is what to link and why:

Website home page to firm’s social media – Connecting your company’s social media pages via icons on your website’s home page generates more traffic to your other online marketing tools and introduces the visitor to the company’s culture.

Attorney profile page to attorney’s social media – For example, linking one of your attorney’s profile page to the matching attorney’s LinkedIn page allows onlookers to connect directly to that attorney and start to develop a sense of trust for the attorney and for the firm.

Blog posts to practise area information pages – Linking your blogs to the specific practise areas mentioned creates site-wide engagement moves traffic from an outside source (i.e. if the blog was shared on Facebook) to the belly of your website.

Successes, Recent News & Current Projects

Not only does a website hold all of your information in one place but it lets you showcase your achievements to the world…and what better information to display than your successes, recent news and current projects! A website for your law firm allows you to market the information that you want without any limits as to how much. It truly is this current age’s best marketing tool!

I hope this blog has provided you with the information that you needed to make a decision on a website for your Law Firm. If you have any questions at all about this topic, please contact us and the Inology team will be happy to help answer your query.