Image for post: Reducing Image Size for your Website with Squoosh

Reducing Image Size for your Website with Squoosh

A short tutorial on how to use the Squoosh web application to reduce image file sizes, improving your website's speed and efficiency.

Image for post: Fonts, Colours and Images

Fonts, Colours and Images

A library of highly recommended links at your disposal for you to choose your website's fonts, colours and images with ease. We have gone through all these links ourselves so that we could be sure that they were of the highest quality for our clients.

Image for post: Guide to Photography

Guide to Photography

Professionals photographers have years of training and experience and often this comes with a price. Product shots and corporate portraits are costly and time consuming, but the advancement of digital photography and point and shoot cameras, has made taking good photos for the average user, easier than it used to be. So if hiring a professional photographer is not possible, and you want to have a go yourself, then follow the tips below, and you will be taking great useable photos in know time.