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Guide to Website Content

Website content is all the written text you see on each page of a website. This information serves two main purposes.

The first is to educate the user about the website they are viewing, as well as to inform then of the products and services available to them.

The second purpose is to provide text and paragraphs with substantial keywords that relate to your business product or services so that search engine crawlers can look for the user keywords when crawling your website.

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Guide to Copywriting

Copywriting is all the text you see written on websites, marketing brochures, letters and any other product. The use of copy varies from general information about products and services to attention grabbing advertising sales campaigns.

Basically, a copywriter is someone who is trained to write passages of text in a specific way that is designed to effectively communicate, captivate, educate, sell to or advise the reader about the product or service they are using.

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Guide to Email Accounts

At home or the office - There are a few different email receiver programs you can have set up on your computer to receive emails. The most common one is MS Outlook, and Outlook Express, where you can customise it to receive any personal emails as well as business email accounts. Most new computers and MS office programs come with the software for free.

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Guide to Website Hosting

Like with any product you buy, web hosting is no different. Choosing a good, reliable host with great features and support, is essential to your online business. Unfortunately, you can’t always tell a good thing just from the packaging. Choosing your web host is like choosing a business partner, the right relationship will grow your business, and the wrong one will crash it.

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Guide to Domain Registration

Choosing a good domain name is essential to any online business, but it is not as easy as it seems. There are many schools of thought as to what is the best method to name your domain, and one of the more popular ideas is Branding. This is where the domain name you give to your business (which may not or may not reflect the products you sell), develops a reputation overtime to which people come to know your business by.

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Guide to Photography

Professionals photographers have years of training and experience and often this comes with a price. Product shots and corporate portraits are costly and time consuming, but the advancement of digital photography and point and shoot cameras, has made taking good photos for the average user, easier than it used to be. So if hiring a professional photographer is not possible, and you want to have a go yourself, then follow the tips below, and you will be taking great useable photos in know time.