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Digital Goods and How to Make the Most of Them with Your Website!

Digital goods, also known as electronic goods, have hit the world by storm and that storm only looks to be increasing with time. Online is the new way so it’s not surprising that we now buy items that aren’t physical. So what are they and how can we make the most out of them?

The Freebie Digital Goods

Have you ever gone to a website where they promise an electronic freebie for subscribing with your name and email? With an Email Marketing System built into your website this technique is perfect for building your online contact database! You can promise free digital goods such as a special personal written letter, welcome video, and the most common; newsletters. This allows you to then send emails in regards to your priced digital goods as you now have a database full of potential customers.

The Priced Digital Goods

The main sale digital goods that I’m sure you’ve heard of or possibly purchased yourself are eBooks, mobile apps, and music files. But there are so many more different types of digital items as well, such as photos, software programs, audio books, video tutorials, design templates, and artwork. With a built in eCommerce System on your website your customers are able to order and pay for the digital goods – and here’s the awesome part – after payment is received an email can be sent straight to them with either the file attached or link to download it from. With digital goods there is no need for storage, shipping or handling and it uses up less of your time!

So it’s quite obvious that digital goods are great for business and using the right website systems can help to increase not only your potential customer’s database but your sales as well, whilst saving you time! I hope this blog has provided you with helpful information on making the most out of your online business. If you have any questions at all about this topic, please contact us and the Inology team will be happy to help answer your query.