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Creating a form to email submissions

Steps to create a form that when a visitor fills in and submits the results, the results are emailed to one or more recipients.

  • Add or edit a Page via Administration -> Content Management -> Pages
  • Place your cursor in the content where you want to insert the form
  • Click the "Form" icon in the toolbar and fill in the following properties
    • Enter a Name of the form
    • In Action input "Default.aspx?PageType=EmailForm&ArticleFileName=[Page Name]"
    • In Encoding select "Multipart/Form-data"
    • In Method select "POST"
  • When you click Ok you will see a red dotted box, place your form fields within the red dotted box by selecting them from the toolbar.
  • Important: you need to go to "Source" and add an attribute to the form element as follows:
    <form runat="server" ...
  • You may also include the following hidden fields (also selectable from the toolbar)
    • Subject - the value entered here will be the subject line of your email.  If not include then the Title of the page will become the subject.
    • Recipients - comma separated list of email addresses. If not included then the Administrator's email address becomes the recipient.
    • EmailPageName - this is the name of the page used when email the results.  The results are merged to this page.  If not included a page is automatically generated.
    • AttachmentFormat - if value is "csv" then the results are attached to the email in a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file which you can use to import into another program.
    • RedirectURL - this is the name of the page or URL to redirect to when successful. i.e. a Thank you page.
    • OnSuccessMessage - if RedirectURL is not included then this is the message that is displayed when successful.  If not included then "Completed Successfully" is displayed.
  • To make fields Required you need to go to the source and add the following attribute to the input, textarea or select elements you want to force the user to enter:
    <input required="true" ...
    <textarea required="true" ...
    <select required="true" ...