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Benefits of Social Media on Your Website

Social media profiles work perfectly well with your website to promote your online business. Using links on your website plays a major part in its search engine rankings. Google for example will automatically associate your social media pages with your company when recognising the links on your website. There are a number of ways to integrate your social media presence onto your website.


The first and most important way that could be the most beneficial in bringing traffic to your website would be using share links. These links are more than likely placed at the header of your website or fixed to the side. Clicking these links will take the viewer to their own social media profile to share your website page to their friends/ followers/ connections / etc. You can even have these links on your website show how many people have already shared the page. You can share any page on your site whether it be your home page, any one of your products and even your blog posts.


Follow Us

Another way is simple ‘Follow Us’ buttons. You can use these to link straight to your social media profile, whether it’s Facebook / Twitter/ LinkedIn / etc. From there, the viewer can like your social media page, follow you or become one of your connections. Unlike share buttons bringing traffic to your website, these links take away traffic so they are far less important and suit being in the footer area.



Finally, another great way to improve your online presence is adding feeds to your website. These can be put into a side panel running down the page. For example, integrating twitter feeds will automatically add your tweets to the side panel as soon as you tweet it. This is a great way to keep returning users informed on what’s going on as well as giving new viewers a taste of what your business gets involved in.


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